Why work with a Health Coach?

With information cheap and readily available these days, it's a fair to ask "why work with a health coach"?  We can pretty much google anything about health and wellness, find recipes on Pinterest, motivational quotes and pics on Instagram and fitness routines on any number of online fitness magazines.  So if we have all this information at our fingertips, why would we possibly need a coach?

Well unfortunately (and I know this from personal experience), information does not necessarily equal application.  If access to information on health was the key to being healthy, happy and at optimal vitality, we would all be there already!  But as someone who has had my own personal (and long, slogging) journey with food, stress, lifestyle and general health, I know that it's not just about having all the information.  In fact, I think too often we rely on "expert" opinions to tell us what we should and shouldn't do to be healthy.  Problem is that we often get conflicting opinions and end up feeling dizzy (and perhaps paralyzed and do nothing).  How do we learn to hone our instincts and trust our gut to make the best choices in our lives?

A Health Coach (which is different than a certified nutritionist, a therapist, a registered dietitian or a medical doctor) is someone who helps clients develop specific, reachable health goals and works with them for six months to achieve those goals.  There are no right or wrong goals-maybe you want to lose 20 pounds or be able to run a 10K or sleep better or have more energy or have a more fulfilling sex life.  A Health Coach works with you not to inundate you with information (because again, internet) but work on inspiration, implementation and transformation.  So if you are not living the life you want to live yet, consider finding a Health Coach to be your guide, advocate and key piece of your support system!