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Cooking Class (In Home)

Cooking Class (In Home)


Do you have a general idea of what to eat but struggle to put it together in a way that is sustainable for your lifestyle?  Do you have the best of intentions to cook all those veggies you bought and then week after week, they rot and you toss them out as you forgo cooking for takeout?  Trust me, I get it!  If you don't normally cook, it can be very intimidating.  But I'm here to tell you that I didn't grow up cooking at all and I learned so you CERTAINLY can!

The cooking classes are typically one to one and a half hours and you can invite up to two guests.  Materials (aka food) for class are additional but we will confirm food budget before the classes.  We can also cook "Iron Chef" style where we use only what is in your kitchen (I do have a list of "must haves" but other than that, we off road!). 

You will learn a few recipes and cooking techniques you can keep in your back pocket for those days or nights where food inspiration has evaded you.    ${product-booking-47636086-4945-4107-a730-b7d14c469f40}