What is a Health Coach?


As a Health Coach trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, NY, you get basically a combination of a nutritionist and a life coach.  For those of you who love efficiency (which I do), this is the perfect "two in one" practitioner.  

My work with my clients definitely involves some logistics of recipes, meal planning and food choices but on a much deeper level, we address the bigger picture issues of why people aren't at their optimum health and happiness levels.  We delve deep into stress management, life balance, self care and sources of joy.  

I have guided my clients to shift behaviors, thought patterns and try new things.  They have completed their six month programs happier, healthier and feeling more hopeful than ever.  They did the work-no doubt about it however I provide excellent accountability, support and guidance in a fun and non-judgmental way!

Here are what just a few of my clients have to say:

"I worked with Cassie Green for six months. I had spent 2 years working with two different macros programs "dialing in" my diet. Well, I was not happy with my body or with food. My sleep was off and I wasn't handling stress well.
Cassie helped me figure out how to get back to real food (because eating fake ice cream is sad). When I was justifying my unhealthy behavior, she held me accountable and reminded me of my goals.
I have recommended her to friends who need a healthier relationship with food and friends who need to learn to cook.
This was a very positive experience- my weight is doing great. I am sleeping better. I have a basket of tools and skills to help me better process stress."-Diana B.

"I really don't have the words to describe all Cassie has done for me. I've been meeting with Cassie now for 6 months and through her guidance, wisdom and pushing me to self realization, my health (and all aspects of my life) have changed in ways I didn't think were possible!  Her holistic approach to health and wellness is thoughtful, informed, and specifically tailored to each client's needs. I feel like she knows me better than I know myself and is always there to support me and guide me to be the best version of ME.I would recommend her a million times over."- Ashley B.

"Cassie has changed the way I live my life. She takes a 360 mind/body/soul approach to developing your happiest and healthiest self. Her program is uplifting, challenging and real. With her coaching, I have been empowered to gain the tools and confidence I was so desperately missing from my life. She is the ultimate cheerleader and her passionate, positive personality is contagious. I can't thank her enough for helping me finally discover my best self!"- Paige L.

"Cassie is an incredible coach and human being. Though I've known her for years through Green Grocer, we started working together in a coaching capacity at the beginning of 2022. She is thoughtful, kind, and truly works to understand her clients and meet them where they are. I loved our time together and came away with lots of helpful tools that I could use between sessions and after working together, too. I highly recommend her, whether you're looking for help managing your stress or improving your relationship with food. She's a gem!!"-Sam P