What is Elderberry Syrup?

Elderberry Syrup is a traditional remedy with astounding immunity boosting properties. It's excellent for colds, flus and allergies and is a great daily supplement to keep your immune system finely tuned!

What's in Cassie Green Health Elderberry Syrup?

We use wild foraged Sambucus Nigra (European black elderberries), organic ginger, organic Ceylon cinnamon, honey, and a touch of organic lemon juice.  

What's not in our Elderberry Syrup?

Preservatives, additives, stabilizers, thickeners, emulsifiers, dyes or any other filler that cheapens a product.

Where do I find this magic elixir?

Find a retailer near you HERE or order direct, SHOP NOW.

What's the recommended dosage?

Take 1tsp-1tbsp/day for general immunity or take a super dose of 3-4 tablespoons in one day if you feel allergies or head cold/flu coming on.

Is is safe for kids?

It's actually one of the best immune boosting, cold/flu thwarting, allergy relieving supplements that your little humans can take!  Kiddos can take 1/2-1tsp per day as well. Safe for kids over the age of 1.

Are there ways to use other than straight up?

Absolutely!  We love to add it to smoothies, sparkling water, kombucha, hot tea, lattes, drizzle it over yogurt and granola or mix a little in with your maple syrup for an immune boosting treat for pancakes!

Is there any scientific research to back up the benefits of elderberries?

Sure is!  You can certainly google the research but we think this article from Dr. Axe nicely summarizes (and sites) the benefits and the studies behind why elderberry syrup is great for immunity.

Syrup, you say?  Sounds like it's really high in sugar.  Is it?

Nope!  Our elderberry syrup contains 1 gram of carbs/sugar (only from the honey) in a tsp serving. This means that even if you took a tablespoon a day, it's only 3 grams of naturally occurring sugars.  This is WAY less than most elderberry products on the market.

Sounds awesome.  Where can I buy it?

Shop online or check out our "Where to Buy" page and if your favorite grocery store, juice bar of coffee shop isn't on there, we'd sure love for you to ask them to carry this magical immune boosting product!