10 Minute Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

One of the most common challenges I run into with my clients is creating time regularly for exercise.  I totally get it.  I now workout very regularly but it took time to fit that into my schedule and make it priority!  And realistically, even for those of us who are super dedicated to our movement schedules, there are still days that don't allow for an hour long yoga class or a super hard core sesh at the gym.  

Enter the 10 minute, full body, no equipment needed workout!  You can do this while travelling, staying with family, at your office (you might get sweaty so prepare accordingly), while dinner is simmering on the stove, while your kiddo is napping...you get the picture.  

The way I do this is VERY simple.  First I put on some awesome music on Spotify or Pandora.  I love the Jay-Z or Jamiroquai playlists on Pandora (Spring Break 1995 is pretty awesome too since it takes me back to my younger days).  Then use the STOPWATCH function on your phone so you can see as each minute passes and you change exercises.

Don't think about it too much-just do each movement for a minute and switch.  Let yourself get out of breath to the point that you feel comfortable and do your best.  Even if you only do 5 minutes, it's better than nothing and if you are consistently moving, it will make a difference!  

Make sure you use good form-knees aligned with toes, chest up, back straight, core tightened.

Here's the workout:

1.  Classic Squats (targets glutes and hamstrings)
2.  Alternating Side Lunges (targets outer thighs and quads)
3.  Pushups (targets arms, chest, back and core)-do on toes or knees but don't let lower back collapse
4.  Plank (targets core and shoulders)-do on hands or forearms
5.  Jumping Jacks or high knees (gets heart rate up)
6.  "Sumo Squats" (targets glutes and inner thighs)-Feet wide and turned out
7.  Alternating curtsy lunges (targets outer thighs and quads)
8.  Tricep dips (targets triceps and shoulders)
9.  Russian Twists (targets obliques and core)-keep toes on ground for assistance or float them for more challenge
10.  Jumping Jacks or high knees (ride that cardio burst for calorie burning!)

You can really push yourself or if you are tired, you can take it easier but remember that doing a little something daily serves your body well in the long run!

Photo cred: fix.com